Brushing Away the Silence: Anam Tariq’s Journey from Cleft to Canvas

Meet Anam Tariq, a resilient soul hailing from the vibrant city of Lahore, whose life story is not just a testament to overcoming adversity but a celebration of turning personal struggles into a powerful source of inspiration. Anam, a passionate artist, holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. with a thesis that could change the way we perceive and support cleft children – through the transformative power of art.


Anam’s academic journey is impressive, but what truly sets her apart is her deep connection to her research topic. As a cleft patient herself, she navigated the challenging terrain of surgeries and speech therapies throughout her early years. Growing up, Anam’s journey was marked by resilience and a supportive family that stood by her every step of the way.

Now, as she dives into the realm of doctoral research, Anam focuses her expertise on a groundbreaking thesis: “How Arts Can Be Used to Provide Psychological Support to Cleft Children.” Her mission is clear – to explore the healing potential of art and its ability to bring solace to those facing the challenges of cleft conditions.


Anam’s art speaks volumes about her personal journey. Through her paintings, she delicately expresses the emotions tied to her own cleft experience. Each stroke on the canvas narrates a chapter of her life, portraying lip defects and clefts as an integral part of her identity. The canvas becomes a medium for her to communicate the complexities of her journey, offering a visual narrative that resonates with those who share similar experiences.

What makes Anam’s story truly inspiring is the way she uses her art not just as a form of personal expression but as a vehicle for change. Her paintings serve a dual purpose – they are a therapeutic outlet for herself and a source of empowerment for others navigating the challenges of cleft conditions. Through her art, Anam fosters a sense of community, reminding individuals that they are not alone in their journey.


In Anam Tariq, we find not just an accomplished academic and artist but a true advocate for the transformative power of embracing one’s unique journey. Her story encourages us all to look beyond the surface, recognize the strength within, and, most importantly, appreciate the beauty that can arise from life’s imperfections.

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