Our Vision

At PCLAPA, we envision a world without the limitations of cleft lip and palate conditions. We’re here to provide unwavering support, guidance, and inspiration, leading the charge in transforming lives. By advocating accessible and comprehensive cleft care, early intervention, and inclusivity, we’re shaping a future where all cleft-affected individuals are embraced with respect and equal opportunities. Through innovation, collaboration, and dedication, we’re fostering a world where these individuals can thrive and contribute their talents and be a productive part of society. Join us in making this vision a reality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower those impacted by cleft lip and palate conditions. We offer unwavering support, education, and advocacy, ensuring every individual thrives inclusively. Through collaboration and compassion, we’re dedicated to raising awareness, erasing stigma, and building a sense of unity. Our goal is  a world where potential is celebrated, regardless of a cleft condition, fostering confidence and flourishing uniqueness.


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