From Adversity to Aspiration

Narrated by Arshad Mehmood, the Father:

As a mason, my simple background was intertwined with my profession. Expectation and excitement filled our hearts as my wife and I awaited the birth of our first child. Allah blessed us with a daughter, a precious gift that brought an unexpected challenge – a cleft lip and palate. Our initial joy turned to uncertainty as we faced harsh remarks from relatives and neighbors instead of the usual congratulations, as if they held us accountable for her condition.

Some even suggested her condition was a divine punishment, perhaps linked to my work as a mason, with claims that a broken brick during a lunar eclipse could be the cause. Amid tears, we sought solace when advised to turn to Cleft Hospital Gujrat (PCLAPA). Placing our trust in their expertise, we embarked on a journey to heal our daughter.

The hospital provided a thorough evaluation and invaluable guidance for her care and surgeries. Our hope was rekindled as we envisioned a brighter future. Surgery to repair her cleft lip at four and a half months old yielded remarkable results, filling us with gratitude. With pride, we introduced our daughter to our family and friends. At her first birthday, the palate surgery marked another step in her transformation. Now 18 years old, Nabiha’s resilience shines through. Her eloquence speaks volumes of the progress she has achieved. This entire journey, from diagnosis to recovery, was without financial burden. The medical team, especially the skilled surgeons, left an indelible mark on our hearts with their unwavering support.

Endowed with intelligence, we nurture a fervent dream: for Nabiha to become a doctor and serve others, just as she’s been served. Our gratitude knows no bounds, reaching Cleft Hospital Gujrat for their compassionate embrace.

Though we lack in material wealth, our prayers and well-wishes are boundless. As those who’ve faced adversity, we offer heartfelt appreciation for the blessings we’ve received and the transformation our daughter has undergone.

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