When is the best time to go through the Cleft Lip and palate surgery?

Treatment of cleft begins at three months after birth with corrective surgery. Primary surgery with the lip repair at the age of 3 months and palate repair at the age of 1 year.A corrective rhinoplasty will be performed on the nose after the age of 15 years.


How much does the whole process cost?

Cleft Hospital Pakistan provides free of cost Cleft lip and Cleft palate surgeries with the support of Smile Train.


What about Pre op and Post op Care?

The Cleft Hospital Pakistan provides guidance to the parents and patients about the pre operation and post operation care by campaigns,seminors, newspaper and online advertisements.


What is the success rate?

The success rate of Cleft Hospital Pakistan is 99%.


Are the Feeding equipments available?

Feeding equipments are available in the Cleft Hospital Pakistan.